Douglas Brown & Terryberry Partner Webinar – Core Fundamentals of Strong Retention: Achieving Sustainable Retention Success!


09/19 | 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM ET

Employee retention is critical for organizational success and involves a strategic focus on understanding and addressing the reasons why employees choose to stay or leave. The financial implications of high turnover are significant, encompassing the costs of recruiting, hiring, administration and training new employees, as well as several indirect costs such as lost productivity, impact on brand, quality issues and disruption to team morale and dynamics. By prioritizing retention, organizations can save substantial costs and foster a more stable and productive workforce.

To effectively retain employees, it is essential to use tools and diagnostics to identify where disconnects are happening within the organization. Understanding these pain points allows for targeted interventions that meet the unique and personal needs of employees. Recognizing that each employee has different skills, needs, goals, and interests is fundamental to creating a supportive and engaging work environment. Tailoring retention strategies to these individual differences ensures that employees feel valued and understood.

Building trust and strong working relationships between managers and employees is another critical element of retention. This involves fostering positive emotions such as pride and connection while minimizing negative emotions like frustration and anger. Establishing clear roles and responsibilities, providing a psychologically safe environment for employee voices to be heard, and ensuring accountability at all levels through both top-down and bottom-up programs are essential. Furthermore, setting retention goals and metrics, along with prompt resolution of concerns, helps maintain a positive workplace culture.

As you work to strengthen employee retention there are several fundamental building blocks critical to the retention process.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the Importance of Retention-Recognize why employee retention should be a strategic priority
  • Key Building Blocks to Sustainable Retention Including: Utilizing Diagnostic Tools for Insights, Personalizing Employee Engagement & Retention, Top-Down versus Bottom-Up Programs, Speed of Resolution, Role Clarity and more
  • Why the Managers Role is Critical in the Employee Retention Process
  • Talent Acquisition versus Talent Retention


Douglas Brown
Founder and President
Manage2Retain – An Employee Retention Program Provider in Canada and the United States

Doug is passionate about employee retention and believes strongly that employees who enjoy their careers and find fulfilment in their work are more likely to become loyal employees that remain with their organizations for extended tenures.

In addition, when their needs and careers are supported, they become strong brand ambassadors advocating for the company and helping to build the team morale and strong relationships that have a positive impact on employee retention. Doug believes that there are three core focuses to strong employee retention: cultivating engagement drivers, creating rewarding work experiences, and building a career development plan for every employee.

Ultimately, this also contributes to business success through employee growth and development as well as reduced turnover costs and loss of knowledge and skills. For the past 30 years, Doug has served in roles from Supervisor to President, overseeing production, quality control, sales and marketing, administration, distribution and fulfillment.

He has successfully overcome the many challenges involved in building loyal, high-performance teams. Doug believes that mid level managers are the crucial link between the employee and the organization and in the strongest position to ensure the employees career needs and expectations are met.

Qualifies for HRCI and SHRM recertification credits.


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