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Terryberry's New and Improved Award Presentation Cheat Sheet

May 13, 2019

Good award presentations come from good preparation. Terryberry’s Award Presentation Cheat Sheet is a popular resource that helps presenters prepare for  employee recognition presentations.  The cheat sheet gives presenters tips on how to give an employee recognition speech and what to say in order to create a moment to remember.  Using the downloadable PDF, award presenters can prepare and organize their comments with handy note-taking areas for specifics about the award recipient and their achievements.

Newly updated, the Award Presentation Cheat Sheet can now be completed electronically and saved in your employee file!

> Download the Award Presentation Cheat Sheet

What to Say in an Employee Recognition Speech

Make it personal.  Use the employee’s preferred name.  Talk about the personal attributes that make this employee unique.  When appropriate, share personal anecdotes.
Be specific. Describe the recipient’s achievements or contributions
Keep the message aligned with the mission of the organization. Share how the recipient’s contributions support the values and vision of the organization.


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