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Motivation Monday – Employee Questions

November 2, 2015

MotivationMondayToday’s Motivation Monday comes from Terryberry’s Wisconsin/Eastern Iowa Business Development Manager, Kelly Eger  – Do your employees know the answer to the following questions?

  1. Why should I care?
  2. Why should I help?
  3. What should I improve?
  5. When should I do this?
  6. Why does my performance matter?
  7. Why should I do my best?
  8. Who does my performance impact?
  9. How do I contribute to the companies mission?
  10. Where do I go from here?

“Employees are more engaged when they understand their roles and responsibilities. This results in higher levels of performance and commitment to your organization.” – Kelly Eger

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Kelly Eger, MBA
Terryberry’s Business Development Manager for Wisconsin/Eastern Iowa


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