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Most Employees Are Not Engaged

December 5, 2011

71% of employees in the United States are not engaged in their jobs, according to a recent Gallup survey.  What’s more, fully 19% of workers are actively disengaged at work.  This means that in the average business, less than a third of workers are fully engaged and working at their highest potential to advance the objectives of the organization.
Companies with higher levels of employee engagement experience improved productivity, higher profits, and better employee retention.
Want to boost employee engagement?  Develop a culture of recognition in the workplace.  Employees who feel valued and valuable at work, are much more likely to be highly engaged.
Effective employee recognition ties the day-to-day the contributions of your workers to the big picture goals and objectives of your business.  When employees feel empowered to make a difference at work – and appreciated when they do – employee engagement skyrockets!


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