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Lacking Employee Engagement? Only 42% of Employees Know their Organization's Mission

February 20, 2014

Despite all the hype about employee engagement, an abundance of new tools and programs for employee engagement, and an explosion of strategies to engage their employees, businesses still struggle to achieve a workplace where employees understand and embrace the organization’s mission, vision and values.
In a recent Forbes article, Ryan Scott outlines “The 7 Ways You’re Not Engaging your Employees” and reveals a startling statistic from TINYpulse: On average, significantly less than half of the employees in your business understand the mission, vision, and values of organization.   If employees don’t know the guiding principles of your business,  they surely won’t invest their discretionary effort to support them.
The same article goes on to describe the importance of peer-to-peer recognition in developing a culture where employees are engaged and contributing at a high level.  “As organizations become more decentralized, virtual, and matrixed, there’s a growing need to provide regular recognition that goes beyond the antiquated one-on-one supervisor-to-employee relationship,”  says Scott.
Social-media style platforms  like Terryberry’s Give a WOW have proven to be successful at communicating and reinforcing company mission, vision, and values.  When employees see a peer demonstrating corporate values in action, they are empowered to give recognition, creating more visibility for the attitudes, behaviors, and contributions that move the business forward.


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