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Employee Recognition Survey

January 22, 2009

In today’s challenging economic environment business leaders, HR professionals, and supervisors at all levels are asking how their employee recognition efforts are measuring up. Employers have been forced to cut back on personnel, frequently compensation, and often a portion of the remaining fringe benefits. This perfect storm of employment has left businesses forced to do more with the remaining core group.

Smart business leaders have determined that now more than ever effective employee recognition techniques are essential to fostering employee morale and insuring engagement. To help organizations, Terryberry has recently developed a dynamic employee recognition survey that allows participants to see confidently how their recognition initiatives compare to other employers worldwide.

Frequently, there are areas within a company’s achievement program that can be enhanced without cost other then some additional effort and attention. If budgets are tight and you are looking for some suggestions for cost effective employee recognition solutions, we encourage you to try the survey. It is a great a tool that can help you and your company weather the storm.


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