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Employee Engagement Pays Off

December 13, 2011

Companies that work to develop employee engagement strategies now will profit in the long-run, says Taleo Research in a recent press release.
The firm estimates that an investment in employee engagement strategies during the recession could reduce the cost of unwanted turnover and realize an ROI of 3,650 percent over the long-term.
What’s more, Gallup research indicates that employee engagement is a leading indicator of financial performance.  According to Gallup’s findings :

  • In world-class organizations, the ratio of engaged to actively disengaged employees is 9.57:1
  • In average organizations, the ratio of engaged to actively disengaged employees is 1.83:1
The proportion of disengaged employees in most organizations is alarmingly high, leaving room for dramatic improvement by taking even small steps to invest in employee engagement initiatives.

What’s the best way to improve employee engagement?  Employee engagement doesn’t happen by accident. Fair compensation and benefits may help a business keep warm bodies in their seats.  But how do businesses get to the next level, where employees are dedicated and willing to invest their discretionary effort for the good of the organization?
Organizations that have high levels of employee engagement work to provide their employees with opportunity for growth, recognition for contributions, pride in good work, and a workplace culture where customers and employees are genuinely valued.


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