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Creating a Survey Using The Survey Builder

October 6, 2020

creating a survey

Feature Highlights:
  • Creating a survey ad hoc whenever you want, for any set of employees
  • Selecting the right ‘Survey Type’ and ‘Program’
  • Setting your Survey Target group – Everyone vs. Some
  • Picking your survey questions
  • Customizing email communications
  • Managing survey reminders
  • Sending test surveys

Before getting into the details of creating a survey, here are some quick reminders about the Workify platform:

• Workify will use the employee data that is held in the system at the time the survey goes live.

• If you’re looking to target a custom group of employees, please be sure to update your ‘Survey’ / ‘Survey Target’ metadata field ahead of setting the targets for the survey.

If you don’t know how to make this data update, please reach out to your Client Success Rep or email

• To protect anonymity, each group will only display in Workify reporting if there are at least five responses from people in that group. (For example, five people that are listed under ‘Location = Austin’ will need to respond in order for Austin to display in reporting.)

This excludes our Employee Lifecycle and Experience features.

Creating a Survey Using The Survey Builder

Go to the Employee Engagement section along the top and choose Survey Builder along the left hand side of your screen.

creating a survey

Name & Participants Section

This should take you into the Survey Builder itself. The first page we will dive into today is Name & Participants. Here is where you can:

• Name your survey

• Choose the survey type

• Choose the program

• Set your targets

creating a survey

Survey Name

Name your survey whatever you’d like.

Survey Type

Choose the Survey Type based on the type of survey you’re looking to roll out.


These are our standard surveys that are planned with your Client Success Rep. The options are: 

• Baseline

• Drill Down

• eNPS Check In


To learn more about these surveys, reach out to your Client Success Rep. The options are:

• Project Review 

• Performance Review 

• 360 Surveys


Ad-Hoc is the last survey type, and it’s the one we’re focusing on today

Survey Program

Choose the right program. Programs are used for reporting across multiple surveys, regardless of Survey Type. 

Add similar surveys to the same program to see trend data. If you’re interested in trending surveys over time, create a new program and name it as you see fit (like All Hands Feedback Program, Diversity, etc.).

Survey Targets

Lastly, choose your survey targets. This may be a step that you complete at the very end, because it’s a best practice  to update your employee data as you get closer to the launch of the survey. If you choose Target Everyone, it’ll target everyone in the Workify platform. 

If you’re looking to target a smaller group, choose Target Some and then the metadata group you’d like to target. If you’re looking to target a custom group of employees, our recommendation is to:

• Create a custom “Survey Target” field that  requires you to update your ‘Survey’ / ‘Survey Target’ metadata field.

• Choose that field within the builder. For more information on creating a custom ‘Survey Target’ field please contact your Client Success Representative

Important note: The Survey Builder page autosaves all progress made, so you can close out of the builder at any time. To go back to the survey building process later, you will just need to search the survey title in the View Surveys page in Workify.

Questions Section

Next, we are going to move on to the Questions section. As you may notice, there are a variety of question types to choose from. The most common question types that are used in our standard engagement surveys are ‘Likert (5 point scale)’ and ‘Free form text’. 

If you have questions about the various Questions types in Workify, please contact your Client Success representative.

After you enter all your questions, you’re able to preview the survey by clicking preview survey in the top right. You’re also able to switch the question orders by choosing this icon within the Question section. 

If you’d like to group Likert questions by an Indicator, choose the tag under the hamburger icon and type in the indicator for the following question. Indicators are very useful when trying to trend different types of questions over time, but you can only choose one indicator per question.

Important reminder: Once you select approve on the final page of the survey builder, the questions will be locked in. If you make any changes after selecting approve, you’ll have to approve the survey again.

Schedule & Reminders Section

Next up is the Schedule & Reminders section. Here is where you’ll set the time and dates of the survey launch and close. The system uses whatever time zone your computer is in.

creating a survey

We typically recommend setting a survey to be live for 8 business days, but this can vary depending on the survey. For a survey that is open for 8-10 business days, we recommend sending around 4 reminders over the span of the feedback window.

As for reminders, based on your company settings, there may be some reminders already scheduled for the survey. You can always add more by choosing + add reminder. This can also be done while a survey is live! 

Important reminder: Reminder emails and texts will only go out to employees who have not completed the survey.

Communications Section

The Communications section is where you’ll set the survey email that goes out once the survey launches. If you uncheck Using Company Default Settings, you’ll be able to customize the email text. In the body you can include some text that explains what the survey is about, and even let people know when the survey will close.

Creating a Survey

Review & Approve Section

Last up is the Review & Approve section. This page will let you know what sections still need updates before you can approve the survey. If all sections have a green check mark next to them, then your survey is ready to approve and launch. 

creating a survey

Once you have your questions and communications set, we highly recommend sending a test version to yourself to review the flow of the survey and the questions. 

creating a survey

Note: Answering a test version of a survey won’t actually record your answers in our database.

Once your survey is approved, it will be sent at your scheduled time. 

Let us know if you have any questions 

We hope this walkthrough will help you become an expert in creating a survey using the Workify survey builder.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at