Employee Discount Schemes: 6 Benefits For Employees

Benefits packages and employee discount schemes considerably influence today’s workplace, with benefits playing an important role in retention, recruitment, engagement and wellbeing. It is essential for businesses to offer valuable and effective benefits to support their employees both in the office and outside work.  With the cost of living rising, saving money is on everyone’s […]

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Employee Recognition Programs: What are the Pros and Cons

September 27, 2022

There are more and more companies committing to developing employee recognition programs. They can be critical in building a culture of appreciation. But these programs aren’t always simple to implement – there are plenty of pros and cons of employee recognition programs. When done right, however, employee recognition programs can improve morale, retention, and employee […]

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5 Ways to Retain Employees During the Great Resignation

September 21, 2022

The Great Resignation Key Takeaways: 11.5 Million vacant jobs in 2021, with 48% of people actively looking to switch jobs. The single biggest reason people cited for quitting was low pay, followed by feelings of disrespect and no advancement opportunities. Switching jobs during the pandemic led to a 10% or more pay increase for 49% […]

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How to Build Employee Engagement in a Hybrid World

September 8, 2022

Employee engagement has always been a critical aspect of any business’s success, but in 2022, it’s taken on a whole new meaning. As The Great Resignation continues to show us, employees are demanding more from their employers than ever before, and only the companies who are listening are thriving. But rather than looking at this as a […]

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Thank You For Your Hard Work | 30 Appreciation Messages for Employees

June 23, 2022

People love to hear, “thank you for your hard work.” Those six words can make anyone feel valued, appreciated, and seen. A Gallup poll revealed that employees appreciate being recognised at least once a week; however, 65% of employees report that they’ve received no recognition in the past year. It takes concentrated effort to build […]

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Employee Engagement and Retention – Are They Connected?

April 19, 2022

Employee engagement and retention are frequently associated with each other. Why? They are equally important, and more importantly, connected.

During The Great Resignation, businesses have began to take an in-depth look at their engagement, retention, and recruitment strategies. Most companies found that while company culture directly impacts recruitment, employee engagement directly impacts retention.

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15 Creative Employee Appreciation Day Ideas

March 7, 2022

It’s time to say goodbye to impersonal emails and lame gift cards. Let’s get creative with 15 Employee Appreciation Day ideas that you can bring to life this year. At Terryberry, we believe recognising and celebrating your employees’ hard work should continue throughout the year. However, it’s been refreshing to see companies celebrate Employee Appreciation […]

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16 Unexpected Random Acts of Kindness at Work

January 20, 2022

Here are 16 unexpected random acts of kindness that will make your workplace a happier place to be:   Help a team member with a difficult or unpleasant task without being asked. Leave their favourite treat or soft drink on their desk. Tell the boss telling about something positive that a colleague has recently done. […]

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How Will Your Company Celebrate Christmas?

December 1, 2021

Show your colleagues they are appreciated this festive season (especially to those working remotely who can’t make the office party) by sending them a gift which they pick themselves online. Create your own branded Christmas gift selection website At no extra cost add your company logo, welcome messaging from senior management, custom backgrounds and colour […]

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