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Terryberry partners with UK Government on Help for Households to tackle the Cost of Living Crisis

July 22, 2022

Help for Households

Retail deals and discounts to help families over the summer holidays have been announced as part of the government’s Help for Households Campaign.

Terryberry has signed up for the initiative, along with some of the UK’s biggest businesses, including Asda, Morrisons, Amazon and Vodafone, these deals are designed to reduce costs at the checkout, help provide entertainment and ensure access to necessary services for families during the summer holidays and beyond.

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, said:

"We’re facing incredibly tough global economic headwinds and families across the country are feeling the pinch.

That’s why this government is providing an unprecedent £37bn worth of support to help households through the storm.

Both the public and private sector have a role to play here – and that’s why it’s great to see so many leading UK businesses are now coming forward to offer new deals and discounts that will provide much needed respite at the checkout.

This won’t solve the issue overnight but it’s yet another weapon in our arsenal as we fight back against scourge of rising prices and inflation."

To mark the launch of the bespoke cost of living deals, the Prime Minister and David Buttress, the Tsar of the cost of living crisis, hosted a meeting of senior business leaders, including our Managing Director, Ian Feaver, involved in the campaign in No10 Downing Street on Thursday 21st July, to thank the businesses involved and discuss new ideas for cutting the cost of living.

Ian Feaver, Managing Director of Terryberry UK said:

"At a time when millions of people are experiencing the impact of rising living costs, our mission is to help as many employees as possible save money and look after all areas of their wellbeing, to reduce stress, improve wellness and create a much happier workplace.

Along with the backing of the UK Government, we are excited to offer our cost-effective benefits solution to businesses to allow their employees access to our exclusive offers and discounts platform.

Terryberry are extremely passionate about helping employers look after their employees and by partnering with the government, we can offer our services to all businesses in the UK in the hope that we can help them to support their employees at a time when they will need it most."

If you are interested in helping your employees during the cost of living crisis, you can sign up to the scheme here.