Making a Difference: The Impact if Long Service Recognition

Long Service Recognition

Whether you’re an HR professional, a business owner, or simply interested in employee wellbeing you know the value of recognition. Celebrating employees’ achievements and milestones is essential to promoting employee engagement and creating a positive workplace culture. Long service recognition is a crucial component of any employee recognition program. It celebrates and acknowledges the commitment […]

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Long Service Awards: What are they and why are they important?

December 1, 2022

Employees spend a lot of time working for an organisation, and employers must recognise and celebrate that. Companies use long service awards to recognise significant workplace milestones and celebrate their best employees’ incredible dedication and loyalty.  Employee milestone awards have traditionally been celebrated with jewellery or champagne to thank employees for their long organisational tenure. […]

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Employee Engagement and Retention – Are They Connected?

April 19, 2022

Employee engagement and retention are frequently associated with each other. Why? They are equally important, and more importantly, connected.

During The Great Resignation, businesses have began to take an in-depth look at their engagement, retention, and recruitment strategies. Most companies found that while company culture directly impacts recruitment, employee engagement directly impacts retention.

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10 Employee Anniversary Recognition Ideas

March 28, 2022

Employee anniversary recognition is all about the moments that matter. It’s about simple things. In our personal lives, we celebrate milestones like birthdays, marriage anniversaries, graduation dates, and winning the big game. But what about celebrating work anniversaries? Work anniversaries are a chance to recognise your employees for all their hard work, their accomplishments and […]

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Co-op’s Award Winning Career Celebration Scheme

February 22, 2021

The Co-op is a brand we all recognise and is made up of a diverse set of businesses including 2,500 grocery stores, funeral care, insurance and legal services, employing almost 70,000 people. Over half of Co-op’s workforce has worked for the organisation for five years or more. Keen to recognise this loyalty, the Co-op wanted […]

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