Feedback and Communcation

Looking for a way to connect with your customers and employees? Our platform makes it easy for your customers to share feedback and recognise employees who make a difference.

Unlock Recognition through Employee & Customer Feedback

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Receive and share communication from any source

  • Customer Feedback Platform:  Ideas, Surveys, & NPS
  • Employee Feedback Platform:  Ideas, Surveys, & NPS
  • Communications:  Announcements & Reminders

Use Recognition Mailbox & Recognition Showcase to reward

With Recognition Mailbox, customers can recognize an employee who made a difference. Customer feedback is submitted to a queue for a manager to review. With a click of a button, managers can reward the employee and share the customer’s comments within the organisation. Combining Recognition Mailbox with our AwardPoints and AwardChoice Collection gives employees an opportunity to reward and be rewarded.

With Recognition Showcase, organisations can ensure that both desk and non-desk workers are recognised and rewarded. Recognition Showcase broadcasts recognition feed, announcements, and custom slides to internet-enabled monitors and Mobile Apps to engage employees who have limited computer access.

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Partner with Terryberry to ensure recognition success

  • Onboarding & Training.
  • Semi-annual reviews.
  • Analytics and Reporting.


Get started today with Recognition Mailbox today. For a £400 set-up charge and £400 annual fee, you can quickly unlock the power of feedback and communication with Terryberry. 

360 Recognition Platform

A single hub to house all of your recognition initiatives
from one easy-to-manage platform.

Get started in no time.