Employee Christmas Gifts

Give the Gift of Choice: Spread some festive cheer this year
and give your employees a gift they really want, by letting them
choose it themselves!

How does it work?

You decide the budget, they select the gift

Satisfaction is guaranteed when your employees can pick the gift they want from a range of luxury products, hampers, experiences, charitable giving* & Gift Vouchers**.

The range of Christmas gifts your employees will have access to is dependent on your budget.

Did you know?
If your budget is £50 or less it could be classed as a ‘Trivial Benefit’ and may be tax exempt, depending on your circumstances.

*New for 2023!
**if you would like to include vouchers there is an additional £5 voucher processing charge for any voucher selections by your employees. Luxury products, hampers and experiences do not incur this cost.

Unlock endless choices with our range of Gift Vouchers

Your employees will be feeling the pinch at Christmas this year as the Cost of Living crisis continues to make things difficult for all of us. Support your employees by letting them pick a gift that they really need, or by gifting vouchers that will help their money go further this Christmas.

From leading supermarkets to high-end retailers, delectable dining, and charitable giving, all with our versatile Gift Vouchers!

Christmas gifting

Create your own branded Christmas gift selection website

You can add your company logo, welcome message, custom backgrounds and colour scheme as an additional branding option. Get in touch to find out how!

We handle Employee Communication, Gift Delivery & Aftercare

Our UK team will send out the log-in information directly and are on hand to answer any queries or guide your employees through the Christmas gift selection and delivery process, so you can enjoy the season with no added stress!

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Client Testimonials

Looking to send your loyal customers a Christmas gift?

We can help you to show your appreciation for their ongoing custom and help strengthen your business relationship.