Hourly Worker Retention: Why It’s so Difficult and 4 Ways to Improve It

Employee retention has always been an area of interest among HR departments. Even today, as recession talk is everywhere and mass layoffs have already begun, voluntary turnover is still something to avoid whenever possible. And according to research, it’s avoidable about 77% of the time. Work Institute estimates that one in four employees left their […]

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How to Give Constructive Criticism: 6 tips For Giving Criticism the Right Way

April 3, 2023

You can’t improve if you don’t know where you’re falling short, but a few factors often get in the way of these learning opportunities. Ego, emotions, and insensitivity oftentimes intertwine with criticism, destroying productive feedback and leaving managers and direct reports with nothing but pain, embarrassment, and anger. There’s a better way. Constructive criticism is […]

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Employee Disengagement: 7 Signs Your Employees are Disengaged (and What to Do About It)

March 27, 2023

A thriving workplace culture is built on employee engagement. It’s cultivated through employees who have an eagerness to work, a willingness to take charge, and a determination to achieve the company’s core goals.  However, creating an engaging workplace culture isn’t always easy. And unfortunately, low engagement oftentimes means money lost for the company. In fact, […]

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Gratitude in the Workplace: Its Benefits and 5 Ways to Get Started Today

March 23, 2023

The month of November sparks feelings of gratitude and generosity for many of us. And while this feeling is present for so many of us individually, we oftentimes don’t find a space for it at the office. But research is suggesting we should be bringing gratitude into the workplace. From increased engagement and productivity to […]

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Employee Life Cycle: The Complete Guide to the 7 Stages

March 22, 2023

Your business’s employee life cycle might be the most important insight into your success. Understand, master, and influence each stage of this journey to take control of your company and better shape its future.  Employees are every business’s number one asset. You can always make more money, find more customers, and build more products, but […]

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How to Measure Employee Engagement: Metrics & Tips to Help You Get Started

February 28, 2023

Being able to accurately measure employee engagement is critical for sustaining a satisfied, focused, and fruitful workforce. Engagement is a significant metric for assessing the health of your business and staff. It helps you understand how well workers align with the company’s goals, which in turn affects productivity, morale, and retention. Want to know how […]

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The 4-Day Work Week: What Is It and Why It’s Gaining Popularity

February 27, 2023

By now, everyone has heard of the 4-day work week concept. Between debates on productivity, work-life balance, and its impact on society’s work ethic – it seemed to spark an opinion from employee to executive at every company. But for years, the 4-day work week was just an idea. It was a concept that was […]

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High-Potential Employees: 5 Ways to Identify & Develop Your Most Valuable Employees

February 20, 2023

In an ideal world, managers would be able to invest endless resources into their employees. Classes, seminars, and hands-on training would be endless. Unfortunately, most companies have budgets in place that limit resources, which in turn, limits who gets those resources. This leaves managers and leaders having to choose who to invest in. And one […]

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