Tusker Green Car Scheme: The UK’s Fastest growing employee benefit


02/08 | 11:00-12:00

We understand employers are facing a variety of challenges linked to employee financial well-being, coupled with the ongoing need to address wider business objectives, for which ESG and green initiatives have become an ever-increasing focus. With Government strategies in place to help individuals and businesses achieve their net zero strategies, the Green Car Benefit provides an affordable means of encouraging employees to transition to more sustainable, planet-positive mobility by switching to ultra-low and zero-emission vehicles.

Tusker are market leaders and specialists in car salary sacrifice. Launching schemes since 2008, Tusker reaches an audience of over 1.6m UK employees. Part of the Lloyds Banking Group family, Tusker can ensure fantastic value and buying power to deliver the highest savings.

What’s available for employees?
We enable employees to access a brand-new EV or Hybrid car which includes insurance, servicing, maintenance, tyres and accident management, for an affordable fixed monthly amount. Employees can budget effectively without worrying about deposits, deprecation or variable running costs. Employees benefit from peace of mind alongside tax efficiencies and the highest levels of manufacturer discounts, fleet savings, VAT savings, and potentially class 1 employer NIC savings.

This webinar will provide an introduction to the Green Car Benefit. With some useful insights and market commentary we’ll be looking at one of the fastest-growing employee benefits and how Government policy is supporting the transition to greener mobility. We’ll also be addressing some of the common myths and misconceptions linked to the scheme and also the reality of moving away from traditional combustion engine cars.

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