Insights from a People Culture Expert


27/04 | 12:30-13:15

Join us for our next session in our series of thought leadership on all things people. This next session will be a “fireside chat” with Victoria Keil.

Victoria has 17 years experience as a People Culture Expert & Occupational Psychologist, and now more recently as a Coach, working across a multitude of large, global organisations such as Ford and Royal Mail and the last 6 years working in tech start ups/scale ups.

Victoria works with clients to achieve personal goals such as promotion, increased confidence and reduced stress, as well as ambitious company goals such as building a people infrastructure ready for growth and increased business revenues.

In our discussion we will be exploring:

• How to diagnose the quick wins and long-term strategies for your business culture
• What should a deep discovery look like?/cover?
• What part does Leadership play?
• How to utilise engagement surveys and what they should cover?
• What foundations need to be in place before any Transformation project?
• Stories and tips from Victoria’s experience, the situation, what happened, the result, the learnings…
• What do start-ups do that other companies could learn from?
• Where does a company start in building a sustainable culture?

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