Re-launching Greene King’s benefits platform with Terryberry’s Be Saving

Employees: 40,000+

Headquarters: Bury St Edmunds

Locations: 2,700+ nationwide

Industry: Hospitality


increase in visitors to their platform


registered and active users


Greene King is a renowned British hospitality and brewing company founded in 1799, which operates pubs, restaurants, and hotels throughout the UK. With 40,000 employees, some of whom are deskless workers, Greene King wanted to centralise all their benefits to make it easier for their staff to access.

For the re-launch of their benefits, it was important that the platform was easy to use, brandable and had the option to provide additional perks.

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Streamlining Greene King’s benefits solution to highlight their amazing perks

Terryberry’s benefits platform, Be Saving, provided an opportunity for Greene King to create a centralised hub that brought their existing benefits and partners to one place.

The scheme was created to reflect their brand, so their employees' journey always feels consistent with Greene King’s company values and brand, including the ability to remove competitors offers and content from the discount hub, access to a curated wellness centre and user comms.

To streamline access to the benefits platform, users can login into their platform with a simple single-sign-on (SSO) process.

Engaging a large workforce and providing them easy access to their benefits

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Be Engaged, Be Exceptional