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Headquarters: Manchester

Locations: 2,500+

Industry: Retail


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Having successfully introduced an employee reward scheme for long service back in 2010, it was well received throughout the business and positively impacted staff morale.

However, with such a large and widely distributed workforce, it was often difficult to mark these anniversaries effectively as line managers were unaware of when they were or how to celebrate them.

There was also a need for the reward scheme to be digital, to make it easily accessible for the entire workforce.

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Implementing Career Celebration to recognise all Co-op staff

It was important to implement a rewards platform that would celebrate Co-op staff members from their 1st year anniversary through to 15+ years of service, ensuring that everyone is recongised and rewarded for their hard work.

Whilst setting up the rewards scheme, Terryberry identified that the Co-op's colleagues valued timely and personalised recognition from their line managers, so Career Celebration was set up and implemented across the business.

As each Co-op staff member hits a milestone, they are rewarded with different recognition mechanisms and rewarded based on their length of service, encouraging line managers to acknowledge their team member’s loyalty.

Building a rewarded and celebrated team nationwide

The new reward scheme has seen a morale boost amongst staff as they help to celebrate their colleagues’ careers. With Career Celebration, colleagues receiving a gift for their service has increased from 1,000 to nearly 10,000 colleagues per year.

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