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What happens when organisations fail to recognise their most valuable employees?

Like all businesses, at TerryberryReward we seek and encourage feedback from our customers. We love the messages that sing our praises. But we also appreciate and learn from the ones that show where something has gone wrong. We recently received a message sent to our online UK Live Chat team from a person, who is […]

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6 Best Practices for UK Long Service Award Programmes

Most Long Service Award programmes launched in the last 2 years are recognising milestones earlier than 10 years. This number is double what it was 5 years ago, is your Long Service Award programme keeping up? One of the most common queries TerryberryReward receive is concerning which areas should UK organisations focus upon in-order to […]

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Long Service Award Programmes – Benefits of Recognising Employees At Earlier Milestones

Newer generations of employees entering the workplace are more likely to change jobs much more frequently. Research undertaken by KPMG reveals that UK University graduates today change companies nearly twice as often as they did 20 years ago. As the cost to replace an employee ranges from 25% to in excess of 75% of salary, […]

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