Employee Appreciation Day

Celebrate your staff in 2021

Organizations that help their employees feel seen and appreciated can activate a shared purpose and an unstoppable team. Employee Appreciation Day, March 5, is an opportunity to show your team that they’ve made a difference.  This year, many employees have gone above and beyond the call of duty.  How will you say ‘Thanks’?  If you need some ideas, Terryberry can help.

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5 Ways to Appreciate Your Employees in Unusual Times

We can all agree, this year is not like others. In some organizations, employees are working remotely. In others, workers are practicing social distancing on the job.  It’s safe to say that in almost every organization, people are unsettled.  “Pivoting” is the word of the year.  When everything is upside down, it’s a good time to remind ourselves of our “True North.” People matter.  Terryberry offers 5 unique ways we are seeing organizations honor their people on Employee Appreciation Day in the year 2021.

5 Way To Show Appreciation

1. Sincere and Specific Words of Gratitude

Showing appreciation doesn’t have to cost anything but time.  CEO’s, Managers, Co-workers: take a moment to tell someone why s/he is important.  It will never be time wasted.  Need some inspo?  Check out this list of appreciation words to help you find the right way to say thanks.

2. Personal Support

In a year when many are struggling with uncertainty, offering personal support and being willing to follow-through is a gift that may be life-giving. Consider building support groups or common interest groups in your organization. It will likely be helpful for everyone, and especially those who’s main source of support is their coworkers.

3. Drive-Thru Appreciation

Need a solution for contactless appreciation? Consider a drive-thru appreciation event.  Have your executive team mask up, put on gloves, and hand out appreciation gifts to employees as they drive through.

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4. Wellness, Healing, and Restoration

Let’s be honest, we could all use some rejuvenation. Maybe Employee Appreciation Day is a good day to send everyone home an hour early to get some “me” time.   Or, even better, maybe it’s an opportunity to give your staff a break in their schedule to do some service to others in need.

5. Gifts and Goodies

Giving a small gift on employee appreciation day can be a meaningful gesture.  Consider gift ideas that foster wellbeing, social impact, continuous learning, personal hobbies, company culture, or just plain fun.

Employee Appreciation Gift Kits

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Make Every Day Employee Appreciation Day

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