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Retaining Talented Employees through Recognition

How to Keep Your Top Talent

Employee retention is an often-discussed topic in business. The most talented and capable employees are sought after frequently and they may leave your organization for another opportunity, taking their expertise with them and creating a gap in your staff. What can you do to combat attrition at your company?


Effective Employee Retention Strategies

If you’re looking for ways to make sure your organization is retaining talented employees, your first step should be to listen to what they have to say. Bob Little, in the MindTools Corporate L&D Blog, cites the head of IMLS Coaching & Consulting, Hugo Heij, who states, “The key thing about fostering engagement is to give people a voice – and to listen to that voice.”

Employees all have their own strengths, weaknesses and ideas, and your top talent needs to feel that you value their opinions – that you want to hear and consider their ideas. They also want to know you take notice when they’ve done something to make a difference.

Engage your top talent by:


Recognizing Accomplishments and Milestones

Whether your employee appreciation plan is formalized or more informal, make sure you have one. Make it a point to say thank you, to remember anniversaries and recognize whose great idea you ended up acting on. Awards ceremonies with service awards, online platforms on which managers can praise employees, and custom company jewelry are all great ideas to make employees feel appreciated.


Asking for Feedback and Measuring Results

Retaining top talent involves taking them seriously. Ask often for their thoughts on policies and procedures, and take their advice whenever appropriate. Also be sure you’re tracking employee successes, suggestions, performance metrics and more. An admin dashboard can be a great way to get the measurements you need.


Focusing on the Whole Employee

Employees are only workers in one aspect of their lives, and in today’s technological environment where the lines between the professional and the personal can sometimes get blurry, it’s important to nurture the whole person. When you show consideration for employees’ physical and mental health, they are much more likely to be fully engaged in their jobs and willing to put forth extra effort. Ideas for such consideration can include providing a wellness stipend, incentives for meeting health goals or offering wellness gifts for purchase with a points award system. Find more information on wellness appreciation.

The most important thing to keep in mind for retaining top talent is to remember to treat them as individuals who bring value and insights to your business, and who are not just easily replaceable employees. Find out how Terryberry can help you create and implement a fully integrated employee recognition program.

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