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How to Create a Collaborative Work Environment Through Employee Recognition

Creating a collaborative work environment is a challenge for many businesses, but it doesn’t have to be. When you recognize your employees for their work and contributions, you encourage and reinforce the behaviors that make your business successful—and that includes fostering teamwork in the workplace.

Building a culture of appreciation in the workplace can help remove barriers to collaboration and mutual success, and implementing an employee recognition program is a great way to do just that. Employees who feel valued, and who also appreciate and value their coworkers, are far more likely to collaborate than those who don’t feel their contributions matter and who don’t trust and respect their colleagues.

Frequent and public employee recognition contributes to employees’ pride not only in themselves, but in their organization and each other. This is critical when it comes to creating a sense of team spirit, and without that team spirit, most attempts at collaboration are doomed to fail.

Employee recognition can also make a significant impact on employee happiness and overall satisfaction, which, again, only helps to strengthen the team atmosphere you’re trying to cultivate. Happy, satisfied employees are more motivated to perform at the highest levels and more eager to work together and help each other to achieve company-wide goals.

Check out a few examples of Terryberry employee recognition programs that can help to foster collaboration:

Fostering Teamwork in the Workplace

Businesses who recognize and reward employees who collaborate and help each other can create a true environment of teamwork within the workplace. Employees want to feel that their contributions are valued and that they are making a real difference at their organization, and those who do will be more likely to work together and perpetuate the atmosphere of collaboration.

Employee collaboration works best when employees feel recognized and respected, and that depends heavily on how (or if) business leaders recognize employee achievement and reward collaborative behavior. One of the main barriers to collaboration is competition: employees who feel they need to vie with each other just to have their achievements recognized by management are less likely to want to help each other, share knowledge or work together.

However, when employees are confident that their hard work is noticed and valued by both their leaders and their peers, they feel “safer” working together to achieve company goals. Rather than creating an environment where employees feel the need to compete to get ahead, an employee recognition program can help create an environment of mutual respect and collaboration.

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