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5 Ideas to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

February 2, 2021

employee appreciation day

Celebrating Employee Appreciation Day 2021

The first Friday in March every year is designated as Employee Appreciation Day. And if there was ever a time to show your employees how much you appreciate them, it’s following one of the most challenging years ever for workers.
Organizations are still unable to participate in many of the traditional signs of appreciation due to continued work from home protocols. So goodbye, potluck. Adios, company picnic.
What can companies do to show their teams some love in 2021? Let’s look at five ideas…
Give a Gift (Non-Cookie Cutter Version)
Email can get a bad rap in corporate environments, but it’s a great way to quickly disseminate information out to team members. And the Employee Appreciation Day email is one they’ll definitely want to open. You can include a link within the email that will take your employees to a redemption site, where they’ll have the option to choose from a number of gifts. Then the gift is shipped directly to their home.
It won’t be a one-size-fits-all gift giveaway that many employees dread, and they’ll look forward to opening up the gift once it arrives. This is something we’re doing for customers, and they love it!
Points Funding
When your company has a points program, you can make it easier for employees to reach their next redemption goal. One way to do this is to gift them a certain number of award points to show your appreciation. This option not only is nice for the holiday itself, but helps the team build momentum and see the benefits of the overall program.
Zoom into Happy Hour
One of the things employees miss the most about being away from the office is the camaraderie with co-workers. With a virtual happy hour, you can give them a little taste of what they’ve been missing.
Here’s the thing – this is not as simple as having everyone sign into a shared Zoom call. That can get a little awkward. You need a moderator or facilitator to keep things moving and bring engagement. Usually, a shared activity like making your own cocktail or designing your own charcuterie board works well. Plus, people can share pictures of their creations on social media.
Incorporate the Family
With employees working from home and kids in virtual school, families have had to make a lot of sacrifices (sharing living spaces, “quiet hours” during meetings, etc.). Now your family can join in on the work fun. A portion of Employee Appreciation Day can be reserved for kids to hop on and do an activity. This could be a coloring book, game, or craft. And it’s a great way to introduce your kids to your co-workers and vice-versa.
Also, it doesn’t just have to be about kids. You can let significant others join in the fun and do an adult craft or piece of art. From adult coloring books to a drawing or painting challenge, it’s a good way for employees to show off their creative (and competitive) side.
The Shout-Out
Who doesn’t love getting recognized in front of their peers? You can create an email blast where management selects members of their team for special recognition. So, if someone was an MVP of a recent project or helped hit an important deadline, they can get singled out for their great work.
Get Creative
It’s not always easy to show employees your appreciation from afar, but with these ideas as a starting point, you can let them know how valuable they are to your team. And if you want something more structured and organized, check out Terryberry’s tips for creating a meaningful Virtual Recognition Event.

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