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New Video: 3-Minute Demo of AwardChoice, Terryberry's Employee Award Selection Program

April 1, 2019

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Awarding your team members with tangible items is a great way to recognize them and show your appreciation. Whether you are recognizing anniversaries, retirement, stellar work performance, jobsite safety, perfect attendance – or any number of other achievements – AwardChoice, Terryberry’s Award Selection Program, has you covered.

Employees Can Select a Gift of their Choosing with AwardChoice

Through AwardChoice, your team can select from thousands of top brand items. To make an item even more meaningful, it can be customized with your company symbol, creating an exclusive award.

Award Redemption is Easy Using

When it comes time to redeem an award, AwardChoice offers a simple, easy-to-use web-based redemption platform that can be branded and customized to reflect your organization. Printed catalogs are also available.

Scalable for Small Teams and Global Organizations

Through AwardChoice, your organization can recognize team members no matter their location – offering a truly global recognition solution.
Watch the short demo video below to learn more.


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