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The Joy of Sharing – The Personal Side of Employee Reward & Recognition Programs

September 18, 2020

An important element of employee recognition programs which is rarely seen is the magnifying effect that a reward can have among families and loved-ones.

When a colleague is recognised, it shows that they are respected and valued by their employer and peers alike. They often share their rewards with loved-ones. This creates special moments and memories that will last forever which will always be associated with the sponsoring employer.

How Create a Sharable Recognition Experience:

Say a genuine ‘Thank You’ – be sincere and authentic in your words of praise and show your colleagues they are a respected and are a valuable member of the team.
Make it personal, then share it widely – welcome program participants with an individual message then announce the achievement to all their peers.
Make choosing the reward a special treat – send an invitation to choose something special from a personalized reward website that can be shared with loved ones to deliver lasting memories.


A Few Examples of Shared Recognition Moments:

Here are some heart-warming examples Terryberry UK have received from their United Kingdom reward and recognition programs participants.


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