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Employee Award Presentation Kits – Video

January 29, 2015

In this video, take a closer look at some of the Employee Awards Presentation Kits that Terryberry offers.  Award Presentation kits are designed to make it easy to present awards in a polished and personalized way.

Award Presentation Kits for Employee Recognition Awards

The way an award is presented has a significant impact on the pride and honor that is communicated to award recipients.  Terrybery’s Award Presentation Kits are designed to create a WOW moment for recipients.  Each of Terryberry’s award recipient presentation kits combines a personalized message of appreciation and a special award in an attractive presentation box. Terryberry customizes each one for the individual, so it arrives ready to to make a big impression.
Terryberry’s award presentation kits are beautifully designed and aim to instill a sense of pride, accomplishment and respect in their recipients.


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