Gratitude is a Conscious Choice

July 22, 2014

Appreciating the people around you leads to better relationships.   In this post, author Lisa Ryan shares practical tips for honing your appreciation skills and developing a personal lifestyle of gratitude. Don’t miss the chance to hear Lisa when she joins Terryberry’s Mike Byam on Sept 18 for an exclusive webinar “HARNESSING THE POWER OF GRATITUDE FOR […]

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5 Keys to Effectively Communicating Appreciation to Your Colleagues

July 7, 2014

Guest Post By Paul White, Ph.D. As I travel around the country and work with businesses and organizations, I have consistently heard the same message over and over – both from leaders and from employees:  “People are getting burned out.  We have to do more work with less people, and for no more money.”  “Workers […]

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Recognition Is a Force Multiplier

February 18, 2014

The following is a guest article by Kevin Kruse.   A force multiplier—a term that is commonly used in the military—refers to an attribute that makes any given force much more effective than the same force would be without it. Consider for a moment your “force”—your employees, your team members, your colleagues. They have knowledge, […]

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SMILE Your Way to Success – 5 Steps to Employee Engagement

January 28, 2014

Great leaders invest in their people.  Keynote speaker and author Lisa Ryan of Grategy shares 5 steps to building authentic employee engagement in your team.  Make these strategies (…or grategies as Lisa might describe them…) your personal work-style and lifestyle!      by Lisa Ryan of Grategy If employees are the lifeblood of your business, how do […]

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