Recognition Storytelling Stars

July 26, 2017

It’s WOW Wednesday! HR leaders, execs, and managers: How do you WOW the people who go above and beyond for you in your business? Or, how have you been WOWed? Today’s WOW Wednesday comes from Saralyn She says: “We get stars on our badges when we get nominated for recognition. When doing patient care, the patients will […]

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SHRM 2017 – 5 Takeaways and Inspiration for Managers

July 20, 2017

by Debbie Larson, Human Resources Director, Terryberry I was fortunate to attend the SHRM National conference last month.  While I spent a little bit of time at Terryberry’s booth, the majority of my time was spent in the classroom.  Sometimes the classroom had 15,000+ people.  Crazy! Below are five simple takeaways from a few of the sessions […]

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52 Companies Count One Billion+ Steps in The West Michigan Walking Challenge

June 13, 2017

In just six weeks 52 companies, from all over West Michigan, walked more than one billion steps. That’s right. One billion. It was the first annual West Michigan Walking Challenge, and needless to say, it was an absolute grand slam. Don’t believe it? Check out our infographic on the Challenge. Looking to exercise our title […]

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How the Flat Stanley Formula Leads to Employee Engagement

May 31, 2017

Remember Flat Stanley? Well, if you were even semi-conscious during the mid-90s, the name probably rings a bell. Flat Stanley was a fictional character, originally created by Jeff Brown as the star of a children’s book series that received decent popularity during the 1960s, 70s and 80s. Most of us, however, don’t remember the children’s […]

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How to Win Leadership Support for Employee Recognition Programs

April 19, 2017

One of the most effective ways to boost employee satisfaction and productivity is to provide recognition for workers’ contributions.   Many organizations implement employee recognition programs in order to develop a culture where associates feel recognized and appreciated.  For these programs to be successful, it’s vital that the company’s managers and leaders actively embrace them. […]

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How to Write Great Employee Recognition Letters

February 7, 2017

Employee Recognition letters are a low-cost and effective management tool, but often under-utilized.  When an employee receives a sincere, personal letter of appreciation, it can have a profound effect on their motivation, sense of purpose and happiness at work.   And it costs nothing except your time…well ok, also the paper and pen. Employee recognition […]

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6 Step Plan to Start an Employee Wellness Program in Your Company

January 24, 2017

  The cost of employee healthcare is a top concern for executives and HR in businesses today. In response, many businesses have increased their efforts to encourage healthy lifestyles for their employees by offering employee wellness programs.  Terryberry’s new Whitepaper outlines a six-step plan to launch your employee wellness program successfully. Create an environment where employees can Be Well, through […]

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6 HR Best Practices to Recognize Long-Term Employees

January 5, 2017

Recognizing employees for their long-term service is among the most established  HR best practices, but is your organization doing service awards effectively? 80% of organizations have a service awards program in place. Yet most employees don’t feel adequately recognized for their work.  With a few simple tweaks, your service awards program can do more to engage, retain […]

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How to Achieve Your New Year's Resolutions in the Workplace

January 3, 2017

by Bev Washichek New Year’s Resolutions in the workplace, really? Does anyone achieve them? They are made with our best intentions, but often a workplace resolution fizzles along with the last of the firecrackers.  A tangible reminder of your workplace resolution might be the best way to achieve success. Maybe your resolution at work is […]

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