Services Employee Award Selection Program

Terryberry's revolutionary recognition e-program gives organizations aawardchoice_sm.jpg customizable website for online award selection and additional online administrative benefits. Your AwardChoice program can be completely customized based on your organization's recognition objectives and budget.

AwardChoice is a complete online recognition program that can be can be up- and-running in your organization in as little as five business days. The AwardChoice program enables organizations to easily give awards for various levels of achievement. Built-in communication, reporting, award redemption, and fulfillment are combined to make this online recognition program easy to implement and run.


Benefits of implementing an AwardChoice system:

  • Award recipients can select their own award online from anywhere in the world
  • A huge selection of customizable award choices for varying milestones or levels of achievement
  • Automatic award upgrades for the most up-to-date products available
  • Web-based, paper-free administration
  • Scalable and cost-effective for small or large organizations
  • Built-in, automated communication with award recipients
  • Customizable award selection interface with personalization elements
  • One-click award tracking and reporting using the admin dashboard
  • Direct order placement and fulfillment eliminates the need to manage or store products
  • Integrates with AwardPoints for Points-based performance recognition
  • Integrates with AwardTrac to keep track of individuals' achievements, milestones, and awards

AwardChoice is an effective way to give awards for virtually any achievement:

  • Service Awards
  • Retirement Gifts
  • Sales Awards
  • Safety Awards

View an online demonstration of's capabilities. To find out how to get started with an AwardChoice program for your organization, contact us today.