Services Employee Award Selection Program

Terryberry's AwardChoice is a customizable program for online award selection.

You can select from thousands of award options to fit your budget and your recipients' likes and dislikes. Awards can even be tastefully customized with your organization's corporate symbol.

AwardChoice is a complete online recognition program that can be can be up- and-running in your organization in as little as five business days.

Built-in email notifications, reporting, award redemption, and fulfillment and local customer service are combined to make this online recognition program simple and effective to use.


Features of Your Custom AwardChoice Website:

  • Award recipients can select their own award online from anywhere in the world
  • A huge selection of customizable award choices for varying milestones or levels of achievement
  • Automatic award upgrades for the most up-to-date products available
  • Web-based, paper-free administration
  • Scalable and cost-effective for small or large organizations
  • Built-in, automated communication with award recipients
  • Customizable award selection interface with personalization elements
  • One-click award tracking and reporting using the admin dashboard
  • Direct order placement and fulfillment eliminates the need to manage or store products
  • Integrates with AwardPoints for Points-based performance recognition
  • Integrates with AwardTrac to keep track of individuals' achievements, milestones, and awards

AwardChoice is an effective way to give awards for virtually any achievement:

  • Service Awards
  • Retirement Gifts
  • Sales Awards
  • Safety Awards

View an online demo of's capabilities. To find out how to get started with an AwardChoice program for your organization, contact us today.