Lifestyle Collections Make Outstanding Years of Service Awards

Featuring an attractive array of award options, the Lifestyle Collection focuses on functional award ideas that appeal to the hobbies and lifestyles of your award recipients. Multiple distinct price categories give a great deal of flexibility when selecting appropriate recognition, such as for Years of Service awards that carry significance the longer your employees remain with your organization.

Kayak - Employee Recognition Gift

The Lifestyle Collection offers employees a selection of items outside the traditional range of employee achievement awards. We have achievement recognition awards and years of service awards ranging from outdoor gear to 35mm cameras and picnic kits that make this a great stand-alone program. Alternatively, you might consider offering the Lifestyle Program in conjunction with the more traditional Prestige Collection to add even more variety to your employee recognition program.

Beautiful Basket - Employee Appreciation Gift IdeasSpeakers - Employee Appreciation Gift

The Lifestyle Collection offers multiple price point groupings. Although the included items are geared for today's active lifestyle, they can still be personalized with your corporate symbol or logo to enhance the connection between the award, the recipient and your organization.

The Lifestyle Collection offers these great benefits:

  • Different levels of achievement, productivity and years of service awards
  • Give your recipients a choice of recognition awards that will reflect their personality and lifestyle Take advantage of integration with, the Terryberry Recognition e-Program
  • Simplify the implementation of your employee recognition program while experiencing business efficiencies
  • Reduce paperwork and administration through simplified award ordering

The Lifestyle Collection - a great fit for what your employees want today.