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Improve Employee Morale and Productivity on Your Team with a Peer-to-Peer Recognition Program

According to a recent Gallup survey, employees want to be recognized at work at least once every seven days. If your business is like most, managers must juggle many responsibilities including giving their employees the recognition they need. That's why an effective peer-to-peer recognition program can help.  In a peer recognition program, coworkers give recognition when they see a colleague going above and beyond or contributing at a high level.   Not only does this help managers give employees the recognition they need, it also gives your employees a sense of ownership and participation in your organization's recognition culture. 

Try the online platform for peer recognition done right! Give-a-WOW Quickstart is the ideal solution for creating a culture of peer-to-peer recognition within your department or team.  Built especially for teams and small businesses, Give-a-WOW Quickstart lets coworkers give and receive recognition for a job well done, in real-time.  Give-a-WOW leverages the power of personal and public recognition. This unique platform enables authentic, interactive recognition that is focused on your mission, vision and values.  With Give-a-WOW Pro you can also give tangible awards and rewards for significant contributions.

Improve overall employee morale and productivity by letting your employees know that their efforts are noticed and appreciated with peer-to-peer recognition programs.

Try Give-a-WOW Pro for peer-to-peer recognition ideas for larger groups and advanced tools.