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Recognize Staff within Your Budget with Low Cost Recognition Ideas

Looking for low cost employee recognition ideas, or tips for recognizing your staff on a budget?  Here's a list of employee recognition ideas, including peer to peer recognition ideas, that anyone can afford.

The WOW Workplace! by Mike Byam for $21.95.  This book offers 141 pages of refreshing, real-world ideas that managers can use to change the workplace culture and effectively use employee recognition to engage people, improve communications, and retain quality employees.

Give-a-WOW Quickstart, the peer-to-peer recognition program, starting at $99/month. Give-a-WOW is peer recognition done right!  The online platform enables real-time, interactive recognition for contributions.  Now Give-a-WOW Quickstart, built especially for teams and small businesses, enables you to get up and running with your peer recognition program today. 

RecognizeMe Spot Recognition Kits, starting at $35.  These spot recognition kits contain hundreds of tools to recognize, reward, motivate, thank or congratulate any employee for a great job at your fingertips.

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