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Improve Employee Engagement in Your Business with Effective Employee Recognition Programs

Believe it or not, giving recognition to your employees means more to your business than the positive morale that results from sincere appreciation. Recognition drives performance and engagement. And, as you might imagine, the more engaged workforce you have, the better business performance you'll see in return.

Bottom Line - What's the ROI of Recognition?

Studies show that companies with higher than average employee engagement levels enjoy:

  • 27% higher profits
  • 50% higher sales
  • 50% higher customer loyalty

How's that for some motivation to recognize your people!

It should be no surprise then, that Fortune magazine's hot list of the "100 Best Companies to work for in America" are all big believers in the power of recognition. These businesses recognize the key to success is valuing their greatest asset, their people.

Get started with designing successful employee recognition programs for your organization today! Terryberry offers employee recognition program ideas and many different platforms to get you going.