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Employee Recognition Program & Appreciation Ideas for Global Companies

In international businesses and multi-site organizations, global employee recognition programs and appreciation is good business! Effective employee recognition programs help organizations to nurture employee loyalty, improve retention, and accelerate performance.

As an employer, you want to keep good employees on your staff. These dedicated workers usually go above and beyond what is expected of them, have an inspiring attitude that motivates other workers, and often rise to higher levels of achievement in their companies - where their experience and know-how translates into greater customer service standards, awareness of company best practices and history, and stronger loyalty to company ethics and mission statements. Recognizing your employees through an employee recognition program and offering gifts is the smart way to build loyalty, dedication and a sophisticated team.

Employees in global companies have the same needs for recognition as smaller firms, yet a far-flung workforce creates a unique set of issues to contend with when it comes to employee appreciation and recognition. Distance between the executive management team and satellite branches may be great, different languages can present communication barriers, and the culture of one office can be very different  than the culture of the corporate headquarters - imagine working in Los Angeles in Human Resources and providing an appropriate gift for an employee located on the other side of the world! 

Terryberry solves these issues with global services and support for effective employee recognition programs. Terryberry's global solutions allow businesses to streamline the administration of their recognition programs and provide a consistent recognition message to employees in many locations.  We can help your business to develop ideas and programs of an appropriate cultural nature so that your employees across the world receive consistent recognition messages that align with your corporate objectives. For global employee recognition programs services & support, Terryberry offers:

  • International award fulfillment with culturally appropriate award selections
  • Online recognition platforms like Give-A-Wow that make it easy to recognize employees in multiple locations
  • Multilingual lingual support that enables employees to receive recognition materials in their own language
  • Centralized reporting & management for the big picture, with local access for site administrators to recognize local employees
  • Distribution centers throughout North America, Europe and Australia for timely delivery of appreciation materials
  • Recognition training available online or via e-learning to ensure a common understanding of your recognition goals, details & objectives for all leaders and administrators

Allow Terryberry to partner with your international business and develop an employee recognition program that gets results. Contact us today to learn more or to request information on our global services and support. You can also download our 360 Recognition brochure to get more details for your global company.