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Employee Appreciation Ideas for Small Businesses

Your small business depends on your employees' hard work and dedication.  When your people feel recognized for their efforts, they are more engaged and productive, and your vital employees are more likely to stay with your organization rather than leaving for greener pastures. 

Terryberry specializes in effective employee recognition programs to help your business give the recognition your employees need.  Unlike many providers, Terryberry does not have minimum orders and our recognition programs are scalable, so your small business can recognize your employees in a big way!

Terryberry can assist with any portion of your recognition program, from providing employee recognition awards and employee appreciation ideas to full-scale administration and management of your recognition program.   

Family-owned for nine decades, Terryberry has been a trusted partner helping companies succeed, and place value where value is due - on the men and women who make companies thrive. We've helped companies large and small with ideas for employee appreciation and helped them reward their employees and instill pride in their workmanship, identity and loyalty through employee appreciation programs and ideas for every budget imaginable. For small businesses, Terryberry offers:

  • No minimum order size - whether you need 5 or 5000 appreciation gifts or awards
  • Scalable recognition solutions for all sizes of companies - from 50 to 50,000 employees
  • Give-A-Wow Quickstart - the ideal solution for peer-to-peer recognition for small businesses. Try a free trial of Give-A-Wow Quickstart now.
  • Managers' Kits for Spot Recognition
  • Service awards for companies of all sizes - Terryberry can help with all aspects of your service award program. 
  • Books

Let Terryberry partner with your small business to develop an employee appreciation program that keeps your staff happy and productive. Contact us today to learn more about our employee appreciation and recognition solutions and programs.